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In the Young Thug Georgia RICO trial, the defense attorney discovered that the judge had conducted an ex parte meeting with the prosecutor and a witness. This is sometimes allowed, but usually it is not. 

A prosecution witness had previously refused to testify against the defendant, but after the meeting he changed his mind and decided to testify. The defense attorney called out the ex parte meeting in open court and the judge confirmed it.

The defense attorney demanded to know why he had not been informed and included in the meeting and said the meeting violated the Georgia constitution. The judge demanded that the defense attorney tell the judge how he learned of the meeting.

The two argued in court and the judge said he would jail the defense attorney for contempt if he did not reveal his source. The defense attorney repeatedly asked the judge to clarify why the defense attorney was not included in the meeting. The judge refused to answer the defense attorney's question but insisted the defense attorney inform the judge as to how he found out about the meeting. Neither side budged.

The judge ordered the defense attorney jailed. Before leaving the court, the defense attorney asked for a motion for mistrial based on the meeting. The judge denied and jailed the defense attorney.

Who was right, based on the law?


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