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Frequently Asked Questions


Question – When do classes start?
Answer – We have a rolling enrollment. You can start anytime. The classes are video-recorded and everything is in our online learning management system, including the lessons, assignments, and the book. In theory, you could enroll today and start today. We also offer supplemental (not mandatory) live classes over Zoom.

Question – Is this certificate good in all states across the country?
Answer – Yes. Our paralegal certificate is valid in all 50 US states. Only the state of California may have additional requirements for those looking to work as a paralegal in that state. We have students and grads working at all levels including federal and state governments, and large and small law firms, all over the country.

Question – Do we help with internship placements?
Answer – Yes. We have a telemarketer who calls 100-125 law firms EVERY DAY looking for job and internship opportunities. We currently have more job and internship opportunities that we have students to fill them. Internships can be virtual or in-person.

Question – Do people currently working in a law firm have to complete an internship?
Answer – Those working in a law firm or under the supervision of a lawyer or judge do not have to complete a separate internship. We will count your current work hours towards the internship requirement.

Question – Do we offer payment plans?
Answer – Yes. The regular price is $1,999. You can pay 5 payments of $425. Contact us to get started.


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