What I Look For In A Paralegal

paralegal-classesOur Washington DC personal injury lawyer firm hires lots of paralegals, and we look for 5 basic traits during the interview and hiring process.  Here they are:

#1  Hard Worker:  Almost more than anything, the law firm hires paralegals who are hard workers.  Hard work overcomes almost all other weaknesses.  How do you we determine that someone is a hard worker?  We listen to them during the interview process.   Does the paralegal talk about being motivated to work hard?  Or is there a greater concern over what time the work day ends.

#2  Compassion:  Paralegals in a personal injury law firm must demonstrate compassion.  Whether our clients have been in a car accident, the victim of medial malpractice, or involved in some other personal injury, the paralegals must show compassion.  This includes working diligently on cases, using proper tone of voice, and being responsive to the needs of the firm’s personal injury clients.

#3  Smarts:  It goes without saying that a competent paralegal must be smart.  Whether it’s preparing a case for settlement, or helping with the litigation pleadings, the paralegal will need to assist with compiling records and doing research.  It’s important to be very smart to be an effective paralegal.

#4  Education:  Paralegal training goes a long way.  Learning the basics of becoming a paralegal is critical in having a successful career.  Attending a certified paralegal school can be the first step in getting this training.

#5  Communication Skills:  Paralegals in our personal injury law firm must be good communicators.  This means being able to speak with the clients both on the phone and in person.  Communication skills, like other trains, can be learned through hard work.

It seems basic, but there are 5 key traits that a successful paralegal must have.

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