Paralegals in Management

The paralegal profession is a growing occupational field with many avenues for advancement. One recent trend is that large law firms are hiring experienced paralegals to fill management positions. Paralegal managers serve as liaisons between upper management and the paralegal staff and enjoy more responsibility and higher salaries than standard paralegals. With many of today’s top law firms employing thousands of people all around the country, exceptional leadership and organizational abilities are absolute musts for paralegals in management positions.

The rise in hiring of paralegal managers is indicative of a more general trend in the paralegal field. Large firms are beginning to recognize the full potential of their paralegals, shifting many substantive legal tasks away from lawyers and giving these responsibilities to paralegals. This frees up lawyers for other work, and saves the firm money. For paralegals, this means higher salaries and more room for advancement.

Paralegals who are fortunate enough to be promoted to managerial positions have a very different variety of day-to-day tasks than typical legal assistants. Instead of working under, and assisting attorneys, managers are involved in project planning, recruiting and hiring, and completing performance reviews. These new responsibilities may require additional training, which the firm will typically pay for.

Paralegal jobs are increasing in number and prestige. Certification from the Paralegal Institute of Washington will help you get your foot in the door at a top firm. Where you go from there will depend on your dedication, hard work and patience. Call PIW today to learn how you can become a part of this exciting profession.