Paralegal (One Year Job Opportunity)

Job Description:

Serves as a Paralegal provide critical programmatic support to the U.S. Secretariat of Trade Agreements, including handling complex administrative and technical functions related to the dispute settlement processes for North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and thirteen other free trade agreements (FTAs) to which the United States is party to help ensure case deadlines are met in accordance with the Rules of Procedure and that filings are docketed in a timely manner and then sent out to interested parties.

The Paralegal shall have a thorough understanding of paralegal duties and case/file management related to FTA dispute settlement, and be able to respond appropriately to requests from Secretariat staff and interested parties. The Paralegal shall independently draft responses according to FTA Rule, when appropriate, for review by the United States Secretary and, therefore, must be proficient in written correspondence. The Paralegal shall have a thorough command of English and be proficient in communicating information to and from requestors about submissions/filings.

Including the following tasks:

  •             Receive filings: Verify timestamp has correct date and time prior to stamping the documentation in. All             filings must be stamped with time and date per FTA rules.  If applicable, also time and date stamps the return copy for the courier/paralegal.
  •             Docket NAFTA filings in RIS: Determine docket number in RIS, write that number on original and all copies, scan document and save in case file within appropriate folder. Properly fill out related docket form and upload the public filing to RIS.
  •             For NAFTA filings, review and revise docket sheet from RIS and timeline (as appropriate).
  •             Once docketed electronically, email TAS team of its receipt with a copy attached (when applicable).
  •             Update U.S. Secretary’s case file with any substantive public filings.
  •             File hard copy in appropriate official, public, non-public working file or proprietary case file in file room.
  •             Draft appropriate correspondence, notifications and briefing materials for review of U.S. Secretary.  Update document using U.S. Secretary’s edits, print final document and obtain signature on final correspondence.
  •             Prepare express mailers and send out relevant documentation to interested parties, or provide documents in person or by email (as appropriate).
  •             Assist with processing of panelist and assistance invoices and billing of other FTA Sections.
  •             Provide general administrative assistance to the U.S. Secretary and TAS staff.
  •             Provide outstanding customer service, especially when responding to telephone and email inquiries.

Please send resumes and writing samples if you have any interested, responsive and qualified paralegals.

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