Job Search Assistance Boot Camp Starting Up Soon

A Wider Circle is currently accepting applications for their Workforce Development Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is a year-long commitment which begins with a week of intensive in-person training. The program is designed for those who are serious about working in a full-time job, and who are eager to commit to a year of support through the program.

The week of training begins with goal setting. Also shared are strategies for time management, conflict resolution in the workplace, active listening, and more. The majority of the week is focused on the job search, with discussion and hands-on work on resumes, cover letters, interview skills, etc.

For a minimum of one year after the training, participants are paired with a volunteer job coach who will work with them on a weekly basis to apply for jobs, and later, to succeed in the job they’ve found. Participants will also receive a twice-monthly check-in from A Wider Circle staff, and monthly follow-up trainings that review and build on skills addressed in the first week of Boot Camp.

Below you’ll find a one page flyer with program information. Interested participants should callA Wider Circle at 301-608-3504 to schedule an in-person interview. Boot Camp training workshops are generally held every couple of months.

Boot Camp Flyer