Job Advising:

The Paralegal Institute of Washington, D.C. will provide assistance with professional advising including resume reviews, mock interviews and paralegal job training in Washington DC. Your classroom education will be spent learning the skills and terminology needed in order to become a successful paralegal. In addition, PIW likes to place students in an internship position for three weeks in a local law firm. Here you will gain valuable experience, and will allow you to get your foot in the door, and show your superior that you would be a great asset to the firm. This will also bridge the gap between the textbooks and the position, as well as allow you to network. Remember, networking will allow you to get your name out in the community and ultimately help you obtain a career in today’s job market.

Of course, just as elite law schools cannot guarantee graduates will find jobs, PIW’s paralegal job training cannot guarantee its students will obtain a position. This will depend in large part on the student’s ability to grasp the legal issues presented in the courses, as well as the student’s interview and other related skills.

On PIW’s Alumni & Student Career Forum students and alumni will find job posting notices and information about upcoming PIW events.


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