Enrolled Agent/Tax Paralegal


Enrolled Agent/Tax Paralegal
Flott & Co, PC|
International Tax and Business Law Firm in Arlington, VA

We seek an Enrolled Agent/Tax Paralegal, or an individual with similar credentials and experience, to join an established international tax law firm that, among other aspects of its tax practice assists US citizens living outside the US and foreign business clients with preparation of US tax returns.

The position requires someone who will carefully and diligently review information received from clients, identify missing or erroneous information, and communicate such omissions or errors to the supervising attorney. The successful candidate will have experience preparing federal and state tax returns, including Schedules A through E, and filing same with the IRS.

Because many of our clients live outside the US, knowledge of Form FinCen 114 (FBAR) and Form 8938 and experience with these filings is a decided advantage. The position also entails contacting the IRS to resolve minor issues with client filings as well as obtaining EIN’s, transcripts of account, and other similar administrative tasks.

Candidates must have a good working knowledge of, and experience working in, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and similar office programs. Experience with tax preparation software is essential. Experience with CCH Axcess or similar tax preparation software is strong plus. At least a year of tax preparation experience is required.

Honesty, self-discipline, the ability to work independently, an inquisitive mind, the desire to excel at one’s job, and a keen interest in expanding one’s professional horizons and capabilities are essential characteristics of the candidate likely to be selected for this position.

Please send an email to administration@flottco.com with Resume, Cover Letter, and References

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