Electronic Filing of Civil Complaints Now Mandatory at DC Superior Court

Many court systems are transitioning away from in-person filings with clerk’s office at the Courthouse to electronic filing.  E-filing allows you to use an internet connection to transmit court papers from your computer directly to the court for filing.

The Superior Court of the District of Columbia instituted e-filing about ten years ago.  The cases and documents that were eligible for e-filing were initially rather limited, but the Court has made steady progress to expand the availability of e-filing.  As of May 4, 2015, the Court requires e-filing of civil complaints filed by attorneys.  The complaint, exhibits/supporting documents, summons, and information sheet are all prepared as usual.  Then the documents may be (1) printed and scanned into a single PDF for uploading to the e-filing system or (2) uploaded individually and merged through the e-filing system.  Once the papers and filing fee submitted to the Court, the filer receives (by e-mail) an acknowledgment that the filing has been received.  Within a few days, the Clerk of the Court will eServe a “Complaint Package.”  This document will include the file-stamped Complaint, Initial Order, judicial assignment, and summons. The Complaint can then be served on the defendant(s).

Need more information?  The Court’s e-filing vendor has many resources available if you need assistance.  Live webinars, FAQs, and how-to guides are located here: http://info.fileandservexpress.com/dc/training

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